I tried installing a Magic Tank! Effectiveness is real!


It was the first car inspection I purchased this month. Although I bought it in second-hand used last year, my mileage was short (35,000 km) in some cases,


  • Fan belt air conditioner belt exchange (It was cracked pretty well … It can not be helped because it is a 2005 formula.)
  • Front brake pad left and right exchange
  • Brake oil change
  • Front stabilizer link boots left and right exchange
  • Exchange 2 air conditioning filters
  • Two air conditioner filter frames (It seems there was not why …)


It was relatively simple maintenance, and when I was walking on the brakes I felt completely repaired “Pakipaki” (the thickness of the left and right putt was different …) so, I’m glad that it was good! Originally it was moist but it was a brake feeling with a steady step response. JB7 Life is really light cars. I recalled the evaluation that it was beyond the original Fit at the time of release.


But this time the main was to have the magic tank, which I was concerned about for a while, installed. (^^;)


TAKE OFF Magic Tank


The bottom left silver column is a Magic Tank.


Should I understand that boost is stabilized? I have decided to try it because the reputation is good and the structure also makes sense.





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